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Our Car and Van Fleet

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from below, from small and nippy to large family cars, from medium wheelbase to luton box vans. 

All prices seen include VAT, fully comprehensive insurance cover, accident and breakdown recovery from anywhere in the UK, and unlimited mileage.

For any queries or for a booking please call the Hire team on 01844 21 55 66.

Book Ford Fiesta

1.0 ltr Ecoboost Manual Petrol

This small 5 door hatchback is ideal for nipping through town, but fares well on the open road as well. The parking sensors, digital radio, Isofix, Satnav and Bluetooth all help to give you an easy journey.

1 Day3 Days7 Days

Ford Focus
Ford Focus Steering Wheel
Rear View of Ford Focus
Side View of Ford Focus

Book Ford Focus

1.0 ltr Ecoboost Manual Petrol

This medium sized 5 door hatchback is perfect for trips out or popping around town. With plenty of gadgets such as Isofix, parking sensors and cruise control to keep you comfortable. The entertainment system also comes with Bluetooth, digital radio, climate control, and satnav.

1 Day3 Days7 Days

Škoda Octavia
Škoda Octavia Dashboard
Rear View of Škoda Octavia
Side View of Škoda Octavia

Book Skoda Octavia

1.6 ltr Automatic Diesel

This family size 5 door saloon is perfect for a long trip or day out with the family. The 7-speed DSG gearbox gives a hassle-free drive, while the digital radio, Bluetooth, climate control, Isofix, and parking sensors help to ensure a safe journey.

1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
£52.99 £140.98 £272.92
Nissan Qahqai
Nissan Qahqai Dashboard
Rear View of Nissan Qahqai
Side View of Nissan Qahqai

Book Nissan Qashqai

1.5 ltr Automatic Diesel

This stylish SUV comes equipped with many features to make your trip as easy and safe as possible such as Bluetooth, digital radio, satnav, parking sensors, a 360-degree camera, climate control, and Isofix. This car is perfect for long trips with a large boot and plenty of leg room for backseat passengers.

1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
£58.99 £164.99 £293.66
Ford Galaxy
Ford Galaxy Dashboard
Rear View of Ford Galaxy
Side view of Ford Galaxy

Book Ford Galaxy

2.0 ltr Manual Diesel

This family 7 seater MPV is perfect for taking the whole family away with plenty of space for everyone. The entertainment system comes with Bluetooth, digital radio, satnav and climate control. The car also has Isofix and parking sensors. If you wish, a roof rack and box can be fitted.

​1 Day​3 Days​7 Days
Vauxhall Vivaro
Vauxhall Vivaro Dashboard
Vauxhall Vivaro Rear Capacity
Side View of Vauxhall Vivaro

Book Vauxhall Vivaro 2900

Our medium wheelbase van is brilliant for a tip run, spring clean, or Ikea trip. It's very easy to drive, the Vivaro has three seats including the driver, Bluetooth, digital radio, as well as electric windows and mirrors.

​1 Day​3 Days7 Days​

Load Width1660 mm
Between Wheel Arches1260 mm
Load Length2810 mm
Load Height1310 mm
Payload1236 kg

Ford Transit
Ford Transit Dashboard
Boot Capacity of a Ford Transit
Side View of Ford Transit

Book Ford Transit 350 High Roof

The Long Wheelbase High Top van is excellent for a flat or small house move, with plenty of space in the back for furniture. There are three seats including the driver, as well as Bluetooth and electric windows for your comfort.

​1 Day​3 Days​7 Days

Load Width 1730 mm
Between Wheel Arches 1370 mm
Load Length 3360 mm
Load Height 1790 mm
Payload 1400 kg   

Ford Transit Luton Box
Ford Transit Luton Box Dashboard
Ford Transit Luton Box Capacity
Side View of a Ford Transit Luton Box

Book Ford Transit Luton Box Van

The Luton Box van with Tail Lift is the perfect choice for a house move and the largest van you can drive on a standard driver's license. It comes equipped with Bluetooth and electric windows for comfort, and the tail lift is very helpful for those larger items. The box itself has tie rails to secure your cargo.

1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
£99.98 £274.97 £449.99

Load Width 2050 mm
Load Length 4000 mm
Load Height 2150 mm
Payload 1125 kg

"I have used Thame Hire for many years for both vans and cars. Their vehicles are always clean and very reliable: I have never had a technical or service problem with their vehicles. Their service at front of house has been terrific - friendly, understanding of needs and really efficient. Great organisation and people - my first stop for vehicle hire"

- Kevin Robinson

"We have used Thame car and Van Hire on many different occasions, and have found them to be extremely helpful and they always go the extra mile to give a 5 star service. We would recommend them to everybody.​"

​- Peter Boczkariw, GBC Industrial Tools

At Thame Car and Van Hire it is our aim to deliver exceptional service and products to you in the most convenient way.

Our fleet is designed to cover all bases of customer needs.

All our cars and vans are fully insured by AXA and are covered for 24 hour breakdown by the AA.

Its also possible to take any of our vehicles abroad.

Take a look at all our vehicles above, I'm sure there will be one to suit your needs.

Scott Price - Hire Manager