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You may recall a little while ago I told you that you never have to buy a tax disc again?

Well from January next year you can throw away the paper copy of your driving license as well.

The DVLA are changing the paperwork rules again, and it’s all good news for us as motorists.

>> Read the full DVLA article here

And here are the main points you need to know

1) From January 1 2015 nobody will be issued with paper counterparts to their driving license

2) You’ll be able to check your license online << Try it out for yourself – no more wondering if those pesky points have been spent or not!

3) You don’t have to do anything at all, unless you want to have a ceremonious paper license shredding on New Year’s Day (make sure you don’t do it before then though!)

4) When you need to update your address or name or renew your license you’ll only get the photocard back

5) Car hire companies like Thame Car Hire will be able to check your license online so you’ll only need to bring this part along with you next time you need to hire a car (with your permission of course – it’s still your personal information)

So all in all this means less hassle and more simplicity.

Nice job DVLA!