A new chapter has started, and it's called Thame Cars | Thame Driving | Thame Cars | Thame, Oxfordshire

Today I was going to tell you about the history of the name ‘Thame Service Station’.

I was going to tell you the story of how our managing director Karl White started the business with a heart full of passion, a head full of ideas, and just a handful of ‘O’ Levels.

But instead I’m going to take a risk.

We’re incredibly proud of what we have built at THAME and the recent move to the swanky new pad on Rycote Lane has been an exciting culmination of many years of hard work.

But over the last few years we’ve been faced with a challenge.

Not with any external factors like the economy, legislation or competitors.

But with defining our own identity.

What we represent now, the story that we felt the name told, and the disconnect between the two.

What we offer here is excellence.

Whether we’re selling cars, fixing cars, servicing or hiring cars, we do it with excellence.

We go above and beyond expectations and I’m pretty sure this is the reason we have a 99% score on the independent Judge Service Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We’ve always had a strong vision of the future, but the name ‘Thame Service Station’ anchored us in the past.

Our challenge has been shaking off the service station whilst sharing more of our passion for customer service and serving the community.

A new chapter has been started, and it’s called THAME Cars.

P.S. Many of our customers have been popping in just to say hello and have a nosey around.

We’d love it if you’re passing and want to check it out - we’re just past the roundabout at the top of Thame past the leisure centre, where the old Ford garage used to be.

Swing by for a coffee and a chat any time you like.