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When the sun shines on the town of Thame I’m sure you’ll agree there really is no better place to live and work.

One of the great things about this town is the number of events for and by the local community.

There are many highlights of the social calendar in the town such as the Christmas lights switch on and September’s Food Festival (which we are sponsoring this year!) but one that is gathering importance is the Open Doors that took place last weekend.

You may have seen some of the signs for this and wondered what it was all about, or been curious as to why there was a giant red tractor parked in your usual parking space outside the town hall on Saturday morning.

Open Doors was an opportunity for some of the larger businesses in the area to introduce themselves to the town, and demonstrate what they’re all about.

The likes of Kubota, CPM & DAF are big employers in the area and, like THAME Cars, are mad about the amazing community that we live in.

Next on our events list is the Food Festival, which as I mentioned we’re proud to be sponsoring this year.

We have a cunning plan to encourage more people to stop by our stand on the day.

It’s still a work in progress but if it comes off it’ll be vying with Raymond for top billing in the highlights reel.

It involves a bit of food and lots of fun, and I promise we won’t mention our 5.9% APR on Ford Focuses if you swing by.

That’d be because that particular offer will be over by then… oh my goodness I’ve outdone myself, can you see what just happened there?

I can’t leave you hanging, the fact is this pretty splendid summery saving runs out at the end of this month.

Not quite sure I can claim that offering outstanding value for money is another shining example of THAME Cars’ commitment to public service, so instead I’m going to leave it to you to decide.

Have a sunny week.