The Motorway Test | Thame Driving Blog

Statistically speaking, the motorway is the safest place to drive your car.

Everybody’s going in the same direction at about the same speed, and there risk-raising features like roundabouts, traffic lights & pedestrian crossings.

If you’ve been driving a while you probably don’t think twice about motorway driving, and the questions in a test like this one wouldn’t pose any challenge at all.

An easy test about motorway driving?

With the longer days and warmer weather more of us are starting to head away at the weekends.

And given our close proximity to the M40 this stretch of motorway is an obvious starting point.

Because of the higher speeds on motorways it’s even more important that you’ve checked the basics on your car.

Correct tyre pressure & sufficient tread depth, lights working properly and screen wash topped up are some good starting points.

Oh, and don’t forget to fill up with fuel before you go so you don’t have to pay a premium on the service station forecourt!