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I am constantly asked by friends, family and customers about cars and the automotive industry. Why not? I’m glad to. I am their “Car guy” after all.

The DVLA RFL (Road Fund Licence) change has thrown up the most questions over the last couple of months and I thought I would puttogether the most frequently asked questions and answers on the blog so people can refer to them at their leisure.

As a bit of fun instead of huge amounts of copy to read I thought I’d put together a little Q&A video. So its Peter meets Dani rather than Parkinson meets Ali, possibly not quite as entertaining but it does give you the answers to everything RFL change wise.

If you have any other questions surrounding this area please drop me a line I’d love to help.

Do I still have to display my current tax disc?

As of the 1st October this year, you no longer need to display your disc in the screen so just take it out. This will be you last ever tax disc! All road tax checks will be carried out by licence plate recognition cameras.

I’ve sold my car that has a tax disc that runs until after the 1st October, how do I refund it?

As of the 1st October this year, the refund system will be automatic and you will not need to fill out a V14 form. As soon as the DVLA receive the yellow slip from the V5 logbook of your old car to confirm you no longer own it, they will automatically issue a refund for the remaining months to the registered keeper on the V5 logbook. Please ensure you have the correct name and address on the V5 as you want the refund to go to the correct person.

Is it true I can pay monthly now?

Absolutely! If you have a V5 logbook for the car in your name, the next tax reminder form you receive from the DVLA will give you the option to set up a direct debit to pay for your tax monthly.

Can I still tax my car at the Post Office?

Of course you can, the process of taxing your car, whether it be at the Post Office or online, will be exactly the same, you just won’t be handed a disc to display.

I’ve just bought a car, do I get to keep any remaining tax on it?

The simple answer is No. Because the tax refund system is now automatic, as soon as you buy a car now you will need to tax it.

Will I still get a tax reminder in the post?

Yes you will, so no need to worry about it running out without you realising.

If I sell my car privately how do I get my tax refunded?

As soon as your buyer taxes and registers the vehicle this will trigger the refund on your vehicle. Again please make sure you have the correct name and address on your V5 before you sell your car.

I have a cherished number plate. Will the new tax system affect me when I decide to transfer it?

No the process will remain the same, you won’t receive any tax discs. If your buy a car through Thame Service Station, Dani our Handover Executive will carry out this process for you.