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I wrote last week about the changes to the drivers license that are coming in to effect on January 1.

In short, you no longer need your paper copy, and when you have to renew it you’ll just get the photo card back.

The Scam

The changes are pretty straight forward: you don’t need to do anything.

But some people are unaware of this and there’s an element of confusion, which is where the scammers are getting in on the action.

Emails are being received asking people to ‘verify their details’ via a link in the message.

The link goes to a dodgy scam website and before you can say ‘I have an uncle in Nigeria’ you’re the latest victim of identity theft.

You don’t have to do anything

Just to reiterate: when the changes come into effect on January 1 you really don’t have to do anything at all.

You can throw your paper license in the bin if you like, but other than that there’s no action you have to take.