The budget: not exactly Christmas | Thame Driving Blog | Thame Cars

There’s always a good bit of anticipation around budget time at Thame Cars HQ, as we wait to see what new policies & funding the Chancellor is introducing that will impact motorists.

All things considered the contents of the famous red briefcase this week were pretty bland, which some might argue is the best kind of budget.

Northerners and city-dwellers will be getting a bit of extra cash to help with ‘pinch points’ on their road network but it wasn’t exactly Christmas for us Southerners.

The only glimmer of good news was the freeze on fuel duty.

So although we’re still at the mercy of the big oil companies for the price at the pump, at least we’re not going to be shelling out any extra in tax.

We were also excited to see funding set aside for ‘disruptive technology’.

Having recently added a Toyota C-HR Hybrid to our fleet of hire cars we’re very keen to see how new technologies change the face of motoring in the UK over the next few years.

I hope the rest of the budget was kind to you,

Happy driving.