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I was driving down Kingsey Road on my way out of Thame last week when all of a sudden there was an almighty thud and the car lurched to the right.

The jolting sensation of my car’s suspension system being taken to its limits, as my front right tyre plummeted into the pothole.

I drove on, a bit more alert and a bit sweatier, and then parked up to inspect the damage.

Fortunately there wasn’t much more than a bit of a graze on the alloy but it could have been much worse.

Suspension systems can be delicate things and it doesn’t take much to throw things out of alignment.

Who’s fault?

As I was driving back to Thame Service Station later that day I thought about that darned pothole.

It was difficult to forget about it as the steering felt a little different and I made a note to get the car in for an alignment check.

I’m a pretty careful driver, but at this time of year it doesn’t take much to clonk a wheel down an unseen hole in the road. But whose fault is it?

If I’d badly damaged my car would I have had to shell out for the repairs?


Yup, that is a real website

Obviously I’m not the first person to have a run in with a dodgy road, and the good people at Potholes.co.uk have taken the time to come up with a step by step guide to what you need to do.

If there’s no real damage and you’re not going to incur any significant costs then it’s probably not worth pursuing.

But if there is damage, you should definitely check out their guide.

It covers everything from where to report the pothole, how to find out when the road was last inspected, who’s responsible for the road, how to make a claim and what to settle for.

Council contact details

There’s even a list of council contact details for the road you happened to be on.