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I’ve got a mate who ALWAYS does the same thing ‘because that’s what my parents used to do’.

>> He always votes Tory.

>> He always finishes everything on his plate (because it’s wasteful not to!)

>> He buys a new car every 3 years and it’s ALWAYS a diesel.

I asked him about his usual selection of car last month when he was in for his triennial upgrade.

“Well diesels are cheaper to run aren’t they, and much more reliable. And anyway, it’s what I’ve always driven!”

Cheaper” and “more reliable“.

Conventional Wisdom

Is this true, or is it one of those things that everybody say so often and with so much conviction that it eventually becomes widely accepted conventional wisdom?

I asked our resident expert interviewer Dani to grill car-expert Pete Hornsey what the pros & cons were for both types of engine.

Have a watch of this short video, then go back through all those other things that you’ve always done just because you’ve always done it!