MOT: 5 Common Questions | Thame Service Station | Blog

For motorists, getting your car MOT’d is just one of those things you have to suck up and get done each year.

Waiting to hear if your car has passed or failed is a bit like waiting for an exam result.

You sit there with your fingers crossed hoping for the best whilst at the same time bracing yourself for bad news.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about MOTs here at TSS.

So our service manager Natasha has answered 5 of the most common questions regarding  MOT's.

1. When do I need my first MOT? You will need your first MOT 3 years after the date of registration of your vehicle. To find this date have a look at your V5 document.

2. How long does an MOT take? The actual test will take around 45 minutes however you should allow at least an hour so we can complete all the administration.

3. Can I get my MOT done early? Yes, you can get your MOT done up to a month early. It will still then run from your expiry date.

4. What do I do if I loose my MOT certificate? At Thame Service Station we can print a new one for you at a cost of £10. We may need a reference number from your V5 document T.

5. If my car fails its MOT do I have to pay for a test? If you leave the car with us at Thame Service Station then you will not be charged. If you take the car away and bring it back by the end of the next working day then you won't be charged. If you take the vehicle away and it comes back with in 10 working days then there is a partial retest which is half the price of a standard MOT.

By the way there are a few things you can do yourself that will improve your car’s chances of passing and we’re going to gather those

together in a report for you.

It’s the simple stuff that you can do really quickly yourself, and means we can pass your car the first time (saving you time as well as cash!)

We’ll get that report to you next week.