Expect the unexpected as a driver on Halloween | Thame Driving | Blog | Thame, Oxfordshire

I always feel that supermarkets somehow resent Halloween.

If they had their way they'd be full on into Christmas mode by now, but there's this annoying distraction at the end of October they have to attend to first.

To be fair, you can already get mince pies in Waitrose so they're not giving up entirely, but there's no escaping the fast approaching Halloween.

For drivers finding ourselves out and about on Monday October 31 (and probably the Saturday & Sunday before as well) it can be a bit of a nightmare.

The combination of a reduced average pedestrian age, lots of sugar, excitement and black clothing means that road sense isn't always at the top of their agenda.

Which means it's down to us to take extra care.

I always find that if you expect pedestrians to behave unpredictably, you're less likely to be taken by caught out.

People crossing the road without looking, stepping out and walking next to the curb, people getting in and out of cars in the middle of the street...

You need to expect the unexpected as a driver on Halloween.

As a general driving safety rule of thumb, it's good drills to stick on your headlights at all times of the day.

Grey, miserable afternoons take their toll on visibility as well as mood, and this is a simple way to make it easier for other people to see you.

Happy Driving.