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I was chatting to a few friends after a round of golf this weekend and the topic of conversation turned to cars, primarily the running cost of cars. “My cars due for its annual MOT, that’s going to cost me – it always seems to fail on something.”

It got me thinking

On Tuesday morning I went into our After Sales department and had a chat with Alex and Aaron, two of our senior MOT testers and asked them about an MOT test.

I wanted to know if there was there anything a customer could do to prior to the test that could help it pass.

Turns out there are quite a few things cars commonly fail on that most of us would be able to fix ourselves before the test.

Failing an MOT is a real pain, especially when it was for something you could have quickly and easily done yourself, so I’ve put together a little 2 page document that you can print out and use as checklist next time your car is due for its MOT.