Fine for 80% of the time | Thame Cars | Thame Driving Blog

Now that Spring seems to have sprung I get the sense that we’ve got away with it (touch wood).

The hard yards are behind us and we can look forward to an easier life as things begin to warm up.

When it does get super-cold in December & January there are always a few smug so and so’s who shuffle around in their toasty warm ski gear whilst the rest of us shiver and shake our way through the snow with our one extra jumper.

If you’re not into skiing then there’s no point in splashing out a small fortune on arctic-rated cold weather gear, ‘just in case’ we get another Siberian cold snap like a couple of years ago.

80% of the time our Winter wardrobe is just fine for the task, thank you very much.

In the same way that most of us drive a car that suits our needs perfectly… for 80% of the time.

Getting around town, commuting to work, dropping off the kids… it makes sense that our car is ‘fit for purpose’ and can handle all of these jobs.

But when it comes to the other 20% there can be a problem.

In a few weeks’ time in the Easter holidays there’ll be a mass exodus from Thame as many of us try to get away for a few days.

Kids + Luggage + Long Drive = Potentially Hideous Journey

Whilst the family car could get you from A to B, if B is a long way from A then traveling in style will get your short break off with a bang.

If you’re going away somewhere this Easter holidays, hiring a car better suited to this 20% could be your perfect solution.

We always see an increase in the number of people hiring from us around this time of the year, so today I want to do something to help you out.

There’s nothing quite like having that new car experience to set everybody’s mood on the right track at the start of a mini-break.