Time for a challenge? Join a local running event this summer | Thame Driving Blog | Thame Cars | Thame, Oxfordshire

On June 26, 1000 people will line up in Thame to take part in the town’s annual 10k.

This year THAME Cars have entered a team of runners and we’re aiming to raise a bit of cash for the fantastic kids charity Thomley along the way

(You’d like to sponsor us? How lovely! Here’s the JustGiving link :0)


If you fancy a 10k but have missed the entry deadline or need a little longer to train, there are a few other great events within driving distance of Thame in the coming months.

Here are a few of our favourites:

1) The Buscot Run, Faringdon, July 3

Buscot Park is an amazing place to visit, and is only about an hour away on the other side of Oxford.

More details here


2) The Oxford Race For Life 10k, July 10

Double the distance of the usual RFL events, but still exclusively for women, this 10k takes place in the inspiring University Parks in the heart of Oxford

More details here


3) The Great Escape, Henley, July 30

If you’re looking for the challenge of a 10k with the fun of a muddy obstacle course, this has to be a contender this Summer.

You could be in the amazing private woodland estate in Culden Faw near Henley in under 40 minutes, and the theme of escaping and evading adds an unusual twist to the experience!

More details here


4) Bearbrook 10k, August 14

Just up the road 25 minutes towards Aylesbury you’ll find this fantastic event organised by a local running club.

Plenty of time to train for it if you’re looking for a new challenge this Summer!

More details here


If you are going to be at the Thame 10k on June 26, make sure you come over and say hello.