Do you know your SUVs from your DABs? | Thame Driving Blog

The car industry is notorious for its Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs), jargon, and ‘inside’ language.

Most people are familiar with the more common phrases like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System, just in case ;) but if you’re buying a car and discover that it comes with DSC and ACC you might not be so sure what you're getting.

We've put together a little jargon busting quiz to test yourself, and explain what some of the more oblique acronyms really mean.

Cast your eye over these 2 short hand descriptions and then scroll down to check your answers…

  1. PAS

  2. PDC

  3. SUV

  4. AWD

  5. CDTI

  6. EBD

  7. TCS

  8. DAB

  9. ABS

  10. DPF

  11. DSC

  12. SS

  13. SRS

  14. SIPS

  15. MPV

  16. CC

  17. BHP

  18. PSI

  19. ESP

  20. ACC

Now scroll down and check your answers...

  1. Power Assisted Steering

  2. Park Distance Control

  3. Sports Utility Vehicle

  4. All Wheel Drive

  5. Common rail Diesel Turbo Injection

  6. Electronic Brake Distribution

  7. Traction Control System

  8. Digital Audio Broadcasting

  9. Anti-lock Braking System

  10. Diesel Particulate Filter

  11. Dynamic Stability Control

  12. Start/Stop

  13. Seatbelt Restraint System

  14. Side Impact Protection System

  15. Multi- Purpose Vehicle

  16. Cubic Capacity

  17. Brake Horse Power

  18. Pounds per Square Inch

  19. Electronic Stability Program

  20. Active Cruise Control

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