It's week 3 of our Car Clean Challenge! Get your kids involved | Thame Driving | Thame Cars | Blog

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been sending you ideas for getting children to do your dirty work for you.

Ideally your own, though it’s not essential.

Giving kids a bit of extra pocket money in exchange for a nice clean car is a transaction that dates back to the days of Henry Ford.

But in a world of digital entertainment it’s becoming a bit of a lost art, so we’ve been trying to reignite the youthful entrepreneurial spirit with our series of simple child-friendly car care guides.

Really they’re just a little hook to get the ball rolling, and we’re sure that once they start to get their hands dirty and crossed with silver, they’ll be looking for more ways to be ‘helpful’ around the house.

>> Here’s the 3rd video in the series of 4 <<


The mysterious gloved hands are out in force again in this 15 second video; are you any closer to guessing who they belong to?

Here’s to a weekend of clean driving.