August Car Care Part 2 | Thame Cars | Thame Driving | Thame, Oxfordshire

​Last week we released the first part in a series of ‘Kids Car Care Challenges’.

The idea is that you get to have 5 minutes peace and quiet, a clean car and a grown up sense of purpose in having taught your offspring a thing or two about how the world works.

And the child in question learns a valuable lesson in commerce and negotiation, and comes away with a grubby handful of fun tokens to hand over at Wally’s.

Judging from the feedback we’ve received so far, this little operation has ignited a swathe of other pocket money raising, child entertaining, labour-saving activities around the house.

You’re welcome.

Today’s car cleaning demonstration video has just been posted, and you can check it out right here:

Kids Car Care Challenge

And for those of you who took a guess at who the mysterious gloved hands in the video belong to, there were only 3 of you who got it right.

And because you all work here at THAME Cars I’m afraid the terms and conditions exclude you from any prizes - sorry about that.

I think we’ll keep the suspense going a little longer for everybody else :)

Enjoy the few moments of peace and quiet whilst your kids are busy, and let us know what sort of a job they’re doing.

Happy driving.