August Car Care Part 1 | Thame Cars | Thame Driving Blog

​Holidays, day trips, cinema visits… all good family-friendly fun ways to fill the 6 week summer break, but some days you just need to get on with, well, grown up stuff.

If you do have kids, how good they are at amusing themselves depends a lot on age.  Most of the time though they need a bit of a nudge.

So we’ve come up with a win-win-win solution to all of your Summer holiday entertainment problems.

Put your children to work!

Not just any old work, get them on car cleaning duty.

It’s pretty straight forward - you need your car cleaned, your kids need something to do AND they want some extra fun tokens to spend on overpriced kids nonsense.

As a bonus to this little commercial arrangement, your mini-entrepreneurs learn about the value of money and the meaning of hard graft.

Let’s face it: that’s a pretty sweet deal.

To make your life even easier, we’ve put together a series of 4 very short (under 30 seconds) videos demonstrating a very specific car cleaning activity.

Each week we’ll release a new video cleaning demo, and there’s a prize for anybody who can guess which member of the THAME Cars team the mysterious gloved hands belong to.

We suggest that this particular activity earns your youngster somewhere in the region of 50p to a pound per wheel.

That’s just about enough for a purposeful trip to Wally’s.

The precise amount you dish out be dependent on your generosity, how much you think you can get away with, and how good of a job they do.

Remember, we’re teaching them something important here.

No good will come from rewarding poor workmanship, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Click here to show them the video, negotiate your terms, arm them with the required cleaning materials, then make yourself a cuppa whilst the wheels of commerce grind into action.

Happy (and clean) driving.