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I was completely caught out in that deluge last week without my coat.

I was just walking back from town to Thame Service Station when the ‘passing shower’ turned into a scene from End Of Days. Had to go home for a complete change of clothes.

But skin’s waterproof and clothes will dry so no real harm done, but it’s a different story if you’re in a car.

Heavy downpours can be dangerous things to be caught out in. It’s Tyre Safety Month at the moment and an interesting video popped up during an Internet search earlier this week.

If you’ve ever aquaplaned in your car you’ll know how difficult stopping it can be.

Time seems to stand still, your body tenses and you realise you’re completely helpless. The car is moving forwards at speed and nothing you can do is going to change its course.

What’s scary about this video is that the car aquaplaning actually had perfectly legal tread depth on its tyres.

So it passed it’s MOT, was totally road-legal and technically safe, but tell that to the driver behind the wheel and he might disagree.

The aquaplaning bit is at 1:15, but it’s worth watching all the way through if you have a couple of minutes. You and I both know that we need to drive safely, especially when it’s wet. This isn’t a finger waggling video, but it’s well worth a watch.

Not sure your tyres are safe? Bring your car into Thame Service Station this month and we’ll check them for free