6 questions about part exchanging your car

A guy down the road from me sold his house in Thame last week. Took him 6 days to find a buyer.

He told me that he had offers coming in every day but he held out until he found the right one, and it wasn’t just about the money.

He was looking for the quality of the offer – or rather the buyer – because he was specifically looking for somebody who didn’t have a chain.

Moving house can be stressful (in case you hadn’t realised) so this guy was very smartly doing everything he could to minimise the stress and speed up the process.

He had no chain at his end, and his perfect buyer was ready to rock and roll right away as well.

Now it’s not quite the same thing when you’re buying a new car, but there are definitely similarities.

You probably have an existing car that you’re hoping to get rid of around the same time but it’s not always a straight forward case of finding the perfect buyer straight out of Autotrader or part exchanging.

So the stress can begin to mount up.

In fact what’s more likely to happen is it just gets put off and put off until something critical happens that means you have to get sorted out.

Like your car breaks down midway through a long journey whilst the kids are having a meltdown in the back.

By far the most stress-free route is to part exchange your car, but we find that there are common reasons many people don’t believe they can do this.

I asked Garrett to put the record straight and shoot a quick video explaining why pretty much any car can be used as part payment on a shiny new one.