4 simple daylight saving checks | Thame Service Station

4 simple daylight saving checks

The best bit about the clocks going back is the extra hour in bed.

(Except when you have kids, who seem to fail to grasp this simple concept!)

And that’s about it.

From then on we’re into the steady march to Christmas; mince pies on the supermarket shelves, frosty mornings and lots more driving in dark, cold & wet conditions.

Research shows that there are 11% more car insurance claims following the change from daylight saving.

Now is as good a time as any to spend a few minutes making sure your car is ‘Winter ready’, and here are 4 things you might want to consider doing:

1) Check that your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition and that the washer reservoir is topped up.

Grit spray from the roads combined with a low sun and an empty reservoir can result in a pretty hairy driving experience! (Plus you could earn yourself 3 penalty points if you’re caught without sufficient windscreen wiper fluid!)

2) Check your lights work properly and keep them clean to keep them bright. Don’t forget to get somebody to help you check the rear lights, brake lights and also the indicators.

3) Check tyres are inflated correctly and have adequate tread. You can always pop into Thame Cars and we will check all this for you for free. It’s also a good idea to check you know how to use your tyre inflation kit if you have one.

4) Check your fluid levels. Oil and coolant are the biggies so make sure they’re topped up or again, bring them into THAME Cars and we’ll do this for you.

Safe driving, and enjoy your extra hour in bed!

Oh and here’s a little trick remember: ‘spring forward, fall back’. My friend repeats that to himself every year after getting it wrong one year and turning up 2 hours early to meet me at a train station!